Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station Grant

The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) is interested in partnering with public and private entities on the installation of at least two compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations. The Arkansas Energy Office has dedicated $470,000 to support the development of CNG infrastructure throughout the State of Arkansas. Of the $470,000 available through this grant, $70,000 was obtained through from General Improvement Funds allocated by three senators.  Senator Kim Hendren directed $45,000 to AEDC, Senator Missy Irvin directed $20,000 and Senator Jason Rapert directed $5,000.   All three of the senators agreed to include those funds, directed to AEDC, to be used within this grant solicitation.   

The Arkansas Energy Office believes CNG is important to incentivize in the transportation sector for the following reasons: CNG is a home grown fuel (decreases our dependence on foreign oil); more economical for fleets; it enjoys widespread political and industry support; it is good economic development; and because it is a cleaner and a cheaper fuel. 

The Arkansas Energy Office is now accepting applications. For a complete description of the project including, program requirements and evaluation criteria click here.


Important Dates:

Based on an initial review, the time frame for accepting applications for the AEO Natural Gas Refueling Station Grant has hereby been extended.  The revised deadline for AEO to receive proposals is 4:00 pm CST October 31, 2011.


Relevant Forms: ES-1 Form 



Please refer all questions to Mitchell Simpson at or 501-682-1060.


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