State Incentives

Alternative Fuel Grants

The Arkansas Alternative Fuels Development Fund includes three types of grant incentives, including capital and operation incentives for alternative fuel producers and feedstock processors, production incentives for feedstock producers, and distribution incentives for alternative fuel distributors. Alternative fuel producers can receive $0.20 per gallon of alternative fuels produced, not to exceed $2 million. Feedstock processors can receive up to $3 million or 50% of the project cost, whichever is less, for the construction, modification, alteration, or retrofitting of feedstock processing facilities that are located and operated in Arkansas. Alternative fuel distributors can receive up to $300,000 or 50% of the project cost, whichever is less, to assist with the distribution and storage of alternative fuels or alternative fuel mixtures at distribution facilities that are located and operated in Arkansas. (Reference House Bill 2002, 2009, and Arkansas Code 15-13-101, 15-13-102, 15-13-301 to 15-13-305, and 19-6-809)

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Idle Reduction Technology Loans

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality has a small business loan program that provides low-interest loans to Arkansas small businesses to institute pollution control measures to reduce the amount of pollution produced by businesses as required by state and federal law. Idle reduction technologies for heavy-duty trucking applications are eligible for this loan. The maximum loan amount is $45,000, with a $65,000 lifetime maximum for any specific business. An eligible business must employ no more than 100 individuals and demonstrate proof of profitability and the ability to repay the loan.

Point of Contact
Amanda Leamons
Loan Program
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Phone (501) 682-0923
Fax (501) 682-0880

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