Tall Towers Wind Measurement Study

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ARRA funding for this project: $500,000

Tall Towers Project

In an effort to increase commercial wind development in the state, the Arkansas Energy Office has hired AWS Truepower to perform a year-long tall tower study of the state’s wind resources.  AWS has indentified five locations to conduct the study and is responsible for installing the equipment necessary to collect data.  This information will be presented in a final wind assessment, and used to have a wind-mapping company update the wind maps for Arkansas, particularly those that pertain to higher elevations where commercial wind development would occur.  


Final Deliverables

Arkansas Tall Tower Wind Resource Assessment

Arkansas Wind Resource and Extreme Gust Maps

Arkansas Statewide Site Screening: Cost of Energy and Transmission Opportunity Analysis

Each month AWS Truepower reports summarizing the wind resource data from each of the five locations in Arkansas. See below.

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April 2011 September 2011 February 2012
May 2011 October 2011 March 2012
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