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Arkansas Home Energy Score Program

Concerned about your home's energy usage?

Like a miles-per-gallon rating for a car, the Arkansas Home Energy Score is an easy-to-produce rating designed to help homeowners and homebuyers gain useful information about a home's energy performance. Based on an in-home assessment that can be completed in less than an hour, the Arkansas Home Energy Score not only lets a homeowner understand how efficient the home is and how it compares to others, but also provides recommendations on how to cost-effectively improve the home's energy efficiency. Designed by the Arkansas Energy Office in collaboration with local, state and national partners, the Arkansas Home Energy Score gives homeowners a blueprint to effectively reduce energy usage and monthly utility costs. 

Chet Howland

Energy Finance Program Manager
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The Arkansas Home Energy Score is a unique opportunity for residential homeowners across Arkansas to access a low-cost, highly accurate energy label for the first time. The Arkansas Energy Office is partnering with the statewide home performance industry, home inspectors, and utility program implementers to build a network of qualified statewide assessors. For more information on becoming a qualified assessor or to find an Arkansas Home Energy Score provider in your area, please contact Energy Finance Program Manager Chet Howland at or (501)682-7319. 

What is the Arkansas Home Energy Score?

The Arkansas Home Energy Score is:

  • Fast
    • Assessments can be completed in less than an hour in most homes. 


  • Affordable
    • The Arkansas Energy Office works with home performance contractors, realtors, and utility contractors to keep costs either free or extremely affordable for homeowners, depending on where they live.


  • Simple
    • The Arkansas Home Energy Score provides easy to understand and comparable information about a home's energy information as well as a recommendations report to provide a blueprint for future improvements.


  • Credible 
    • The Arkansas Home Energy Score is the product of extensive collaboration between the Arkansas Energy Office, Earth Advantage (a national provider of residential energy efficiency programming), and the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville.  


  • Flexible
    • The Arkansas Energy Office will work with interested home building professionals across the state to train and qualify potential qualified assessors. 


How Do I Become an Assessor?

If you, your business, or your organization is interested in becoming a qualified assessor and offering the Arkansas Home Energy Score as part of your programming, start by contacting Program Manager Chet Howland. The Arkansas Energy Office will be hosting in-person assessor trainings in both central and northwest Arkansas in Spring 2017.The Central Arkansas training will take place from April 25-27 at the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. See below for steps on achieving and maintaining qualified assessor status through the Arkansas Home Energy Score Program. Please note that all assessor candidates achieving pre-qualified status in Arkansas at these in-person training will receive $350 rebates for their time.

  • Ally Agreement
    • The Arkansas Energy Office asks that all partner organizations sign and return the following non-binding Home Energy Score Ally Agreement, which may be found HERE
  • Credentials
  • ​Assessor Training
    • Assessor training involves two components, a computer simulation culminating in a written exam and a hands-on group mentoring exercise. In Arkansas, these trainings will take place over the course of three days in Spring 2017 in both central and northwest Arkansas, led by experienced staff from Earth Advantage. The first two days will walk through the SIM and written exam and the fnal day will involve a test house used for mentoring purposes. A working agenda of assessor trainings follows:
    • Arkansas Home Energy Score Sim Training & Testing
        • Day 1   
          • 8:30, Arrival
          • 8:45, Welcome and Partner Organization Overview
          • 9:00, Introduction to Sim Training Portal. Review basic portal navigation, training resources, toolbox, etc
          • 9:30, 3-D Practical Training: House #1, Scenario #1. Walk through house 1 scenario 1 on overhead. 
          • 10:00, Individual/Group Time:  3-D Training and Challenge House #1. Students working on their own through the tool while instructor is available to give technical support/guidance.
          • 12:30, Lunch
          • 1:00, 3-D Practical Training: House #2, Scenario #1. Walk through house 2 scenario 1 on overhead.  
          • 1:30, Individual/Group Time: 3-D Training and Challenge House # 2. 
          • 4:15, Q&A, Finish Up Challenge House #1 or #2 as needed.
          • 5:00, End of Day
          • **Homework: Complete 3-D Challenge Homes #1 and #2 (score 90 or above). We want everyone to have completed the first two challenge homes before the following day. Some candidates will likely need to complete at home in the evening. 
        • ​Day 2
          • 8:30, Individual/Group Time: 3-D Training and Challenge Home #3. Walk through house 3 scenario 1 on overhead.   
          • 9:30, 3-D Practical Training: House #3, Scenario #1.
          • 12:00, Lunch
          • 12:30, 3-D Practical Test
          • 3:00, Part II Multiple choice study and test. Briefly review materials covered. Take test.
          • 4:15, Review of Secondary Resources – Field Data Collection Protocol
          • 5:00, End of Day
          • **Homework: Secondary Resources Read through the secondary resources in preparation for gathering field data. 
        • Day 3
          • 8:30, Arrival at Mentor Audit Home
          • 8:45, Gather field data
          • 12:00, Lunch
          • 12:30, Enter Mentor Home Data in HES software.
          • 2:00, Introduction to CakeSystems User Interface
          • 2:30, Q&A
          • 3:00, Optional time for anyone needing extra time. 
          • 5:00, Training Ends
  • Start Scoring Homes!
    • After training is complete, you are now qualified to issue Arkansas Home Energy Scores as part of your organization's suite of residential energy efficiency offerings to Arkansas homeowners. If at any point you should need assistance, don't hesistate to contact Earth Advantage or the Arkansas Energy Office.