State Energy Programs Receive Recovery Funding

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Arkansas Recovery Office today announced the 13 energy stimulus programs to be funded by the $39.4 million released by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).


The programs will be administered by the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC).


All 13 programs have now been approved by the Department of Energy and include the following:


Sustainable Building Design Revolving Loan Fund


Establishes a revolving-loan fund to make energy-efficient improvements in State buildings.


Industrial Energy Technology Loan Fund


Establishes a low-interest, revolving-loan fund to encourage Arkansas industries to invest in clean technologies and support energy-efficient operations.


K-12 Green Building Revolving Loan Program


Establishes a sustainable, zero-interest, revolving-loan fund for school districts to employ and deploy new energy-efficient technologies, as well as to design and construct high-performance buildings with sustainable energy savings.


Building Training Centers of Excellence


Develops curriculum, facilities and equipment to train residential energy auditors, raters and weatherization employees.


Employer Assisted Home Energy Assistance Loan (HEAL)


Establishes a cooperative pilot program with the Clinton Climate Initiative to increase the energy efficiency of Arkansas companies, and to provide audit and retrofit opportunities for their employees.


Renewable Technology Rebate Fund


Provides rebates for the purchase of small-scale electric generation and solar hot-water systems for residential, commercial and government buildings.


Advanced Lighting Technology for Poultry Growers


Reduces energy consumption and costs for poultry growers by replacing incandescent bulbs in chicken housing with dimmable, high-intensity LED bulbs.


State Building Energy Management Program


Establishes an energy management program for state-owned buildings and higher-education buildings to determine baseline energy consumption and establish more energy-efficient operations.


State LEED Building


Allows for the renovation of an office building to house four state agencies and obtain the first LEED-Silver designation for a state-owned building.


Arkansas Industry Clearinghouse


Creates an online-information service for Arkansas industry to provide tools, materials, papers, publications and best practices that help to reduce energy consumption.


Energy Efficiency Outreach


Provides information to Arkansans to increase residential energy efficiency, and provides training to the HVAC industry to better design and size HVAC equipment.


Emergency Renewable Energy Power


Provides the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management with 24 photovoltaic energy generators mounted on trailers that can provide power in emergency situations.


Tall Towers Wind Measurement Study


Conducts study for wind-speed data for Arkansas at commercial-scale elevations in order to encourage commercial wind development.


Administrative costs



The programs will be updated on as criteria and procedures for applying for grants or funds are established.




Chris Benson

Arkansas Energy Office

(501) 682-8065