Arkansas Energy Office


RFP For Energy Efficiency Arkansas Program Evaluator

The purpose of this RFP is to select an Energy Program Evaluator. The Energy Program Evaluator will provide expert advice to the EEA stakeholders regarding improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the EEA Program.
The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) is responsible for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Arkansas (EEA) program. The program is a partnership between the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) and Arkansas’ investor-owned electric, natural gas distribution companies and electric cooperatives through a ratepayer funded program approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC).

The term of this contract shall be for one (1) year. The anticipated starting date for the contract is November 17, 2017.

The Program Evaluator will be required to perform the following tasks:
1. Assess the overall program activities (i.e., Marketing, Outreach, and Training).
2. Examine program performance, including program awareness, delivery channels, factors that influenced participation, program effects and customer satisfaction.
3. Document energy efficiency actions taken by program participants.
4. Examine the sufficiency of existing record-keeping and recommend a program tracking system that includes necessary information for evaluation.
5. Conduct a review of program materials and records which will include in-depth interviews and surveys with key customers and trade groups.
6. Identify ways to enhance and improve program efficiency (i.e. reducing program costs, enhancing programs deliverables, increasing customer satisfaction and verifying program objectives are met).
7. Participate in meetings on behalf of the AEO with the Parties Working Collaboratively and be accessible for meetings with EEA working group, Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM), and Arkansas Public Service Commission.
8. Make recommendations to the size, scale and content of the EEA program.
9. Perform a comprehensive process evaluation of the EEA program. The guideline for the comprehensive process evaluation is outlined in Arkansas Technical Reference Manual (TRM) Volume 1, Protocol C


If you have any questions, please contact Training Manager Tim Scott at or (501682-2433.