Residential Buildings

This site was developed to provide both consumers and the homebuilding trades with information on energy saving tips, best practices, new technologies, Arkansas-specific links and contacts.

Consumers: If you are a homeowner or renter, or considering purchasing a home you will find tips, do-it-yourself guides and resources to help you make informed decisions on reducing your utility bills and increasing the comfort level in your existing home or apartment. Also get information about new trends in building construction including “green” and “sustainable” practices.

Builders or design professionals: New home construction presents an opportunity to incorporate energy-saving features right from the start.  The Builders section offers interested consumers as well as the building trades with unbiased information about developments in building technology, critical product reviews, energy performance (green building) design and building tips, practical research reports, regulations and many links to other resources.

  • Green Building Practices

    Green construction goes beyond energy efficiency and covers almost all aspects of construction: from site preparation to homeowner education and maintenance.  Click here for details.


  • Energy Saving Ideas

    Find energy savings tips in this guide.