REScheck for Arkansas

What is RESCheck™?

RESCheckTM for Arkansas (Version 3.7 Release 1b) is an easy-to-use computer program that is designed to demonstrate compliance with the thermal shell requirements of the 2011 Arkansas Energy Code. RESCheck™ allows trade-offs to be made between all envelope components as well as trade-offs for higher than minimum heating and cooling equipment.

This latest version of RESCheckTM incorporates standards in the new federal law that improve the minimum efficiency levels for cooling systems to 13 SEER and HSPF 7.7 for heat pumps. While it is not illegal to install cooling systems below these values, the program does not allow for trade-offs when systems are installed at or below these new minimum efficiency levels.

The requirement for windows to have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.4 or below was removed for Arkansas. When running the program select "Arkansas" under the "Code" tab. This will set up the program to accept the actual SHGC while allowing compliance for windows that are above 0.4 SHGC.

What you need to run RESCheckTM

RESCheckTM for Arkansas runs under Windows and requires a personal computer with the Intel 80386 (386) processor (or higher), 2 megabytes (MB) of extended memory, a hard disk with 2MB of free disk space, a VGA or Super VGA monitor, and Windows 3.1 or a later version. A Microsoft-compatible mouse is highly recommended but not required.

Download RESCheckTM

Install RESCheckTM for Arkansas.
When "File Download" box appears, click "Open" or "Run."


Instructions for Using RESCheckTM for Arkansas. 

Data Collection

Arkansas Energy Code Computer Assistance Trade-off Worksheet

This worksheet is a convenient way to collect home energy information data that will be entered into the RESCheckTM program.