Ambient Air Monitoring Network Annual Plan

The Arkansas Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is required to submit an Ambient Air Monitoring Network Annual Plan to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every year. The review contains details about DEQ’s ambient air quality monitoring network and a discussion of how network design and performance satisfy EPA’s monitoring requirements for each criteria pollutant. The six EPA- designated criteria pollutants are carbon monoxide, lead, ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Monitoring requirements vary by pollutant but are based upon a combination of factors including population data, previous design values, and metropolitan area boundaries.

The network plan provides the framework for the establishment and maintenance of an air quality surveillance system that represents DEQ’s commitment to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of Arkansas through ambient air quality monitoring. The network employs the latest and best technology that is commercially available and allows DEQ to communicate the data collected as quickly and accurately as possible. Any proposed changes to the network identified during the annual review process are included in the plan.

The 2024-2025 Ambient Air Monitoring Network Annual Plan was submitted to the U.S. EPA on July 1, 2024.