Under Act 725 of 2021, the "Workforce Expansion Act of 2021," the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will not require an initial fee for individuals who are seeking to receive a license, if the qualified applicant:

  1. Is receiving assistance through Arkansas Medicaid Program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Woman, Infants, and Children, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program, or the Lifeline Assistance Program;
  2. Was approved for unemployment within the last twelve (12) months; or
  3. Has an income that does not exceed two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty income guidelines.

The waiver of the initial fee does not include fees for:

  1. A criminal background check;
  2. An examination or test; or
  3. A medical or drug test.

If you meet the qualifications for a fee waiver as stated above, please submit a signed Fee Waiver Application form and present documentation to verify that you qualify for a fee waiver. You may also be asked to sign and submit a consent form allowing DEQ to verify that you qualify.

You may obtain the Fee Waiver Application form by contacting our Enterprise Services Business Liaison, Vanessa Kohrs, at (501) 682-0946 or Vanessa.Kohrs@adeq.state.ar.us. Or
Complete the online Request to receive Initial Fee Waiver Application Form.

DEQ Workforce Expansion Fee Waiver