Non-Coal Program

Non-coal resources currently mined in Arkansas are soil, clay, shale, gravel, stone, limestone, sand, gypsum, bauxite, and novaculite. APC&EC Rule 15, the Arkansas Open-Cut Mining and Land Reclamation Regulation that was adopted pursuant to Arkansas Act 827 of 1991, provides non-coal mining operations with performance standards to be followed during mining and during the process of reclaiming the land to a beneficial use.

Arkansas Act 1166 of 1997 provides for regulation of stone quarries.

DEQ's Non-Coal Program staff has regulatory oversight for more than 300 sites, including roughly 260 open-cut sites and 96 quarries. The staff makes routine inspections at as many sites as possible each year and also investigates complaints.

Permit Application Forms and Documents

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Open-Cut and In-Stream Mining

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Additional Permits for Mining Operations

In addition to mining permits, your mining operation may require a stormwater or an air permit.

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To determine what type of stormwater permit or air permit your mining operation may need, contact: