Market Development

Market Development staff members assist in the development of markets for recycled materials and are a liaison between DEQ and the Arkansas Marketing Board for Recyclables, a five-member board appointed by the governor. They are also available to help state and local officials in all the aspects of the marketing of recyclables.

The Recycling Equipment Tax Credit Program, managed by Market Development staff, offers a state income tax credit for the purchase of recycling equipment. This gives businesses and industries an incentive to come to and stay in Arkansas.

Marketing Development provides presentations to the Chambers, civic groups, or any groups in Arkansas where local businesses and industries meet. This presentation provides information on the Recycling Tax Credit Program, RENEW - material exchange, Recycling Marketing Directory, Arkansas Marketing Board for Recyclables and the Regulation 28 Surveys.

Market Development provides and regularly updates the Arkansas Recycling Markets Directory, a directory of facilities and the recyclables they accept, and promotes the use of RENEW, a materials-exchange website that Arkansas shares with the other four states in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Region IV, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

Market Development staff compiles information from surveys submitted by businesses, industries, public recycling programs, and nonprofits involved in recycling throughout the state to determine Arkansas's recycling rate, which is published in DEQ's annual State of Recycling Report, as required by APC&EC Regulation 28.