Financial Resources

DEQ encourages Arkansans to reduce what we use, reuse what we can, recycle all that’s possible, and buy recycled products in order to reduce solid waste disposal in landfills. DEQ manages three grant/fund distribution programs to support recycling, each with its own funding source, eligibility specifications, application process, and reporting requirements. All three award funds annually.

Arkansas Computer and Electronic Waste
Recycling Grants Program

Government entities (cities, counties, solid waste authorities, regional solid waste management districts, subordinate service districts) and partnerships between government entities and private recycling interests may apply to this program. Funds can be used to build, equip, and staff collection facilities; cover transportation costs; purchase supplies (such as Gaylords, pallets, stretchwrap) needed to run a program; pay for education and public awareness programs; and contract for recycling services for a variety of unwanted electronic equipment. Application is made through your regional solid waste management district (RSWMD).

E-waste Grants Program

This competitive grant program is open to government entities; schools, colleges and universities; nonprofit organizations or associations; and private industry. Funds can be used for the collection, transportation, and processing of scrap electronic equipment; establishment of statewide, regional, or local contracts for recycling and demanufacturing businesses; and other innovative measures to implement and promote recycling, donation, or demanufacturing options for computers and electronic equipment. Application is made through DEQ's Recycling Branch.

Recycling Distribution Program

Funds from this program, formerly the Recycling Grants Program, are distributed to regional solid waste management districts using the same formula as the former program. RSWMD boards determine the best use for these funds in their districts. Each district has developed its own eligibility criteria and usage requirements. Contact your RSWMD for more details.