UST Operator Training and Certification

Three Classes of Operators

Class A - an owner or employee with primary responsibility to operate and maintain the UST tank system

Class B - an owner or employee who oversees daily operation and record keeping of the system

Class C - a employee who is responsible for initiating the emergency response procedure when there is an alarm or other indication of emergency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in consultation with states, has developed guidelines that specify basic knowledge requirements to ensure that underground storage tank operators are qualified to properly operate and maintain underground storage tank systems. All UST owners/operators must designate at least one certified Class A, B, and C operator for each underground storage facility. Class A and B operators can be certified through an approved exam and/or training program with exam. Class C operators can be certified through an approved training course or training provided by a certified Class A or B operator. DEQ will provide a Class C operator training guide to certified Class A or B operators. One individual may hold all three classifications.

To register to take the exam, an applicant must submit the UST operator certification application form and nonrefundable examination fee at least one week prior to the scheduled test date. DEQ offers free training to prepare owners and operators for the Class A and Class B certification examinations. Seating is limited. See training and exam schedule.