Solid Waste Management

Arkansans generate millions of tons of solid waste each year, with nearly three-fourths going to landfills. DEQ's Solid Waste Management office works to ensure that solid waste is handled, processed, recycled, or disposed of in ways that protect our environment and in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Office staff provides technical review and assistance to solid waste facilities during the permitting process, monitors groundwater near landfills, supervises landfill closures, and regulates composting facilities and transfer, waste recovery, and waste tire processing stations.

The Post-Closure Trust Fund administered by the office provides financing for corrective actions at landfills that developed problems creating environmental threats after closure.

The office also takes the lead in updating the Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan every ten years. This plan, made in cooperation with Arkansas's 18 solid waste management districts, anticipates future needs and addresses ways to reduce landfill disposal and provide appropriate solid waste management service to all Arkansas residents.

The recycling, tax credit, and market development programs are under Environmental Assistance Resources.