Laboratory Accreditation Program

Environmental protection depends on accurate analyses by laboratories. Information submitted to DEQ by permittees is required to come from laboratories that DEQ has certified. DEQ’s Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program ensures that data submitted for regulatory development, planning, permitting, or other functions will be of acceptable quality. The labs meeting the standards are certified to provide contractual environmental testing in Arkansas for one year.

Laboratory Accreditation Program Forms and Documents

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Guidance Documents

Review our Laboratory Accreditation Booklet before getting started with application.

Accreditation Application Forms

The following forms are required for laboratory accreditation:

Laboratory Accreditation Fees are required to be submitted with the ePortal application. DEQ will not receive your submission and will not begin processing your submission until the payment is received.

  • Laboratory Accreditation Fees are based on APC&EC Rule 9.801-9.803
  • Initial certificate and renewed certificate include up to ten parameters.
  • DEQ is not compelled in any way to notify laboratories that their accreditation is about to or has lapsed.
  • The request for renewal and supporting documentation must be received by DEQ at least thirty (30) days prior to the certification expiration date in order to ensure there is no lapse in accreditation.
Fee Types
Initial Certificate $500
Renewed Certificate $500
For Each Parameter in Addition to the First Ten $10
Each of the Following Categories:
Dioxins and Furans $50
Herbicides $50
Volatile Organics $50
Semivolatile Organics $50
Pesticides and PCB’s $50
Acute and/or Chronic Toxicity Testing $250