NOI Submittals for General Non-Stormwater NPDES Permits

General permits provide a streamlined National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process for certain categories of discharges. A facility seeks coverage under an applicable permit rule instead of an individual permit. Facilities seeking coverage through a general permit report their request for coverage and any changes in coverage through a Notice of Intent (NOI) form.

Most of the general permits listed in the selection box require a public comment period. Listed permits are for new coverage unless “Renewal” is included in the permit title.

Comments will be considered only if they are about a specific facility's NOI. Comments on the contents of the NPDES general permit will not be considered during the public comment period. Written comments may be submitted to DEQ by e-mail at Water Draft Permit Comment. Include the permit number and facility name in your comment.

You may find the department’s decision letter regarding a Notice of Intent request by searching the Facility and Permit Summary and inserting the facility’s AFIN or permit number.